Follow this 3-step,  daily Facial cleansing routine and you will have NO-MORE facial skin problems.

You will need:

* One bottle Johnson's no more Tears Baby Shampoo

* One bottle Scalpicin Maximum Strength anti-itch liquid (don't get the other ones)

( Yes I know, this is a Scalp treatment, but Oh well!)

* One Tube Rainbow Souffle Salt Scrub

Step one:   Wet face, apply and rub Johnson's baby shampoo gently onto face,
Rinse, Pat face dry with towel.

Step Two:  Pour some Maximum Strength Scalpicin anti-itch liquid onto a cotton ball and gently rub into face.

Step three:  You will use Rainbow Souffle Salt Scrub - ONLY twice a week to remove dead skin and let the new skin rejuvenate.

So, this is how you will apply Rainbow Souffle:

After washing your face with Johnson's no more tears baby shampoo - DO NOT DRY FACE, immediately apply a small amount of RainbowSouffle to wet face.

Rub Gently  ( you don't want the salt to scratch your face) then apply a small amount of warm water to dissolve the salt and activate the foam. Once that has occurred, rinse face thoroughly.

Pat Dry, apply Scalpicin with cotton ball.

Daily Routine:  is wash face with Baby shampoo, apply Scalpicin with cotton ball last.

Twice a week : after washing face with Baby Shampoo, apply Rainbow Souffle, apply Scalpicin last.

Hopefully I explained the 3-Step Cleansing process in an understandable manner. If you did not understand please feel free to leave me a comment and/or your email address so that I can respond back.

This REALLY does work!

For most of us it is important to have beautiful, healthy skin. It's just hard to get it that way if we don't know what products to use. It is not necessary to use the same brand of products.

You can mix and match brands and/or you can stay with a same brand. Just don't limit yourself. Sometimes your skin needs another ingredient that is in another brand.
 Just experiment a little.